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Want to be part of a growing community of amazing people of all athletic abilities? Worried about COVID or not fond of large crowds? We've got you! Check out one of our many group class options!

Classes are currently capped at 6 members at a time. Not only do we want to ensure proper spacing for COVID, but we're dedicated to creating a safe space to train. This means not only can you be unapologetically you, you will have more of the coach's attention, ensuring good form and reducing the risk of injury.


The time of over-crowded group classes is over. Our classes have a small athlete-to-coach ratio so every individual can get the space and attention they deserve.

Aimed towards building strength and endurance, these classes are always varied, easy to scale, and guaranteed to build muscle and incinerate fat. The type of classes we program are a variety of HIIT, circuits, AMRAPs, and strength training. We can guarantee that no two workouts will be the same. Are you new to group fitness? Not to worry! Every workout can be scaled to fit your individual needs and there will always be a coach to monitor the safety of your technique.

Check out our social media to get a taste of what we do in class!

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The Experience Barbell Club is a class dedicated to improving the two main Olympic lifts, the snatch and clean & jerk, as well as developing explosiveness and power that translates to other barbell movements, sports, and more.

This is all accomplished through practice of the lifts themselves coupled with proper accessory and mobility exercises, in an intimate setting with our skilled coaching staff.


Coach Ry's mobility services are now available in the form of a class! This class is guaranteed to improve flexibility, range of motion, and alleviate pain by teaching you advanced stretching and self-myofascial releasing techniques.

Virtual Group


Can't make it into our gym in San Diego? Want to still get in a gruesome workout? No problem! We know that wherever you are in the world, you still have fitness goals to achieve. The Experience is here to help with our personalized App! Just like our group classes in person, you can expect to have a weekly set of workouts that build muscle and incinerate fat that can be done in any location of your choice. Classes are designed for a limited amount of space, and the equipment required is little to none. Convenience is key with our virtual classes. Contact us to give it a try!

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