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A bit more about Xena
General Manager and Hooman Resources

External Grievances: speak to the General Manager. Internal grievances: speak to Human Resources. "Bork, bork, bork!"

Xena Bo-Bina Warrior Princess Morticia Addams Ruth Bader Ginsberg Ryan-Lim was born on February 5, 2020. She is 100% German Shepherd Dog, and 100% a good girl.


Her original owners, a young 19-year-old couple with a brand new baby, purchased her from a breeder as a puppy. When they decided to relocate to Texas, they made the difficult decision to not take her along with them and surrender her to the animal shelter. Not wanting to take the chance of an uncertain shelter life, her foster mom Samantha Owens came to the rescue! 

Samantha graciously spent time on the internet trying to find the puppy a new fur-ever home. Many of the inquiries she received were from potential breeders simply asking, "is she ready yet?" However bleak, Samantha persisted with patience in finding the puppy a safe, new home. Samantha eventually got in contact with Coach Ry and Coach Angeli as potential adopters. After one play date, they knew that this pup was going to be the new addition to their family! It was meant to be!

Now named Xena, after the strong warrior princess, this lovable pup can be seen at The Experience "helping" all the athletes that walk through the door. She absolutely adores meeting new people and isn't ashamed to show you the affection you deserve! 

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