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A bit more about Hannah Scribner
Intern and Group Fitness Instructor 

Coach Hannah has always had a passion for fitness, however she took a very rocky path to get to where she is today. She was a gymnast for most of her youth, which is where the journey started off. Originally a great relationship with health and fitness made a hasty turn as a young woman influenced by societal standards. She developed an eating disorder and struggled severely with body dysmorphia leading to a world of restrictive eating and over training. She was forced to quit the sport she loved but this led her to the realm of weightlifting. Here she found the beauty of being strong rather than skinny, learned how to properly fuel her body, and stopped being afraid of food. Over time she learned different training methods and found what worked for her. Just when things started to flow nicely, Hannah became severely injured. Her injury caused her so much pain she could barely walk, but she wasn't going to let this injury interfere with her passion for fitness. She got the help she needed, right here at The Experience, which increased her mobility and taught her even more lessons about her own body. Now, as a recent Kinesiology Graduate from San Diego State University, Hannah is driven to motivate others and help people build a strong, healthy relationship with their body and fitness.

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