Co-Owner, Head Coach, & Personal Trainer

Coach Ry used to weigh over 300lbs! They were constantly in pain, depressed, unable to breathe, and had zero self-esteem. They finally had enough, so they cleaned up their diet, started exercising, and immediately fell in love with the environment of the gym and the empowerment of looking and feeling strong.

After finishing about 9 years in healthcare as a nurse – first in the ER, then in family medicine, and finally in oncology – they quickly felt unfulfilled and frustrated working for a system that sets patients up for failure. Many of their patients had been prescribed medications for curable diseases or manageable pain. Many had no idea how to eat properly, let alone know what to do if they were told to start a fitness regimen. Patient education was limited to how to take their pills, and failed to give them any tools necessary to reverse their condition. 

Once they moved to San Diego in 2016, they took the plunge to concentrate on their fitness career full-time. Disillusioned from corporate gyms' business practices and poor treatment of its staff and members, Ry brought their vision to life with The Experience Fitness & Mobility Studio in 2019.

Now Ry gets to do what they love everyday: help others fall in love with themselves one session at a time, while serving the community they love and creating a safe environment for EVERYONE to meet their fitness and wellness goals.

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