Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

Coach Bailey used to have a negative relationship with food and fitness. They were on the verge of being hospitalized with a severe eating disorder and knew they needed help. With the aid of a nutritionist and trainer, they got healthier and happier. Now, they are a health educator and trainer with a passion for fitness and wellness. Their journey has led them to appreciate the complexity and nuance of health and wellness and then pursued a career in advancing opportunities in overall health. They steadfastly believe that listening closely and compassionately is the best way to improve overall education and health programs and build thriving fitness members.  

"The most common downfall of health is rooted in negative relationships with nutrition. As a fitness practitioner, and health advocate it is vital to foster a positive relationship between individuals, fitness and food if they are to accomplish life-long success. Utilizing an uniquely, fun designed curriculum, I aim to create a foundation on which individuals can achieve their overall health and wellness goals."

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